Ebisu Circuit (Displayed/introduced)

Found this awesome video which elaborates and explains the several courses held in the Ebisu Circuit Territory! Enjoy!


AWFilms | Formula D LBC 2011 | Promotional video

Abbitt Wilkerson gives us a sneak peek at what is to come! Around this time next week, I'm sure we can expect epic video postage from not just him but Shreeve Films and David Sullivan! Looking great Abbitt! Can't wait to see the whole thing!


Formula Drift Pics!

An awesome event that definitely took a lot of people by surprise. The competition was pretty sweet and my personal favorite, Walker Wilkerson - Formula Drift Rookie from the Pacific NorthWest made his way into the Top 16..ladies and gentlemen this was his first EVER Formula D event (in which he was driving) so this was a HUGEE accomplishment. Respect to all the drivers and I know we will see great things this season..I'm rooting for you WALKER!!

BMW Love

Note to self...BMW's look AWESOME Dumped! This fresh E46 is just keeping it real with an awesome stance.

Formula Drift!

Fantastic teaser from "Tandem of Die"

Can't wait to see the whole video! This was an awesome event by the way.

Official information for Formula Drift..please visit the website
http://www.formulad.com and check out the schedule to see more upcoming events throughout the year!